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Features & Benefits

  • Exceptional Tummy Flattener
  • Ultra-Thin Breathable Fabric
  • Non-Rolling Bands
Features & Benefits

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16 Comfort / Support Benefits

Smart Knit Technology

Tailored Fit

16 comfort/support
  1. Wide, non-rolling, elastic band
  2. Light comfortable panel
  3. Anti-bulge high waist band
  4. Anti-bulge lower waist band
  5. Waist slimming belts
  6. Tummy flattening bands
  7. Buttocks support band
  8. Hip slimming band
  9. Saddle-bag concealing band
  10. Thigh slimming band
  11. Long transitional anti-bulge medium support band
  12. Comfortable, wide finishing band
  13. Posture imporving panel
  14. Comfortable, discreet flat seam
  15. Buttocks enhancing material
  16. Open cotton gusset
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Daily Comfort Wear
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Features & Benefits
Daily Comfort Wear
  • Buttock Enhancing
  • No Panty Lines
  • Easy Bathroom Use
  • Non-Static
  • Invisible Removable Straps
  • Machine Washable
Available in 3 Styles

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