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Made in Italy | FREE SHIPPING Over $50
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Frequently Asked Questions

Product Related Questions:

Is the size chart accurate?
  • Our size charts are extremely accurate; each size has been tested on thousands of women. In order to achieve optimum results, it is absolutely essential you purchase the exact size as indicated for your height and weight. When in between sizes, we recommend you choose the next size up.
Can I buy a smaller or larger size than the size chart indicates for my height and weight?
  • To obtain optimum comfort and effectiveness, we recommend you buy only the exact size indicated on our size chart for your height and weight.
  • Buying a smaller size: Due to the way our product is constructed, a smaller size does not provide any more support on required areas but may reduce comfort.
  • Buying a larger size: Due to the accuracy of our size charts, we do not recommend buying a larger size since the larger size may reduce both effectiveness and comfort. However, if you are in between sizes, we recommend you choose the next size up.
How to slip on ShapeOn?
  • Please remember to remove all jewelry prior to slipping on your ShapeOn.
  • Slipping on your ShapeOn becomes easier after each usage, although the first time can be slightly more difficult. Please ensure you purchased the correct size for your height and weight since incorrect sizing is the most common reason slipping on our product may be challenging.
  • If you purchased the correct size, please refer to our "How to Slip On" instruction sheet that came with your purchase, or our video that provides detailed instructions using a "live" model. Following these Instructions is vital to helping you slip on your ShapeOn Shaper the first time.
  • The ShapeOn fabric is extremely robust, so don't be shy about pulling and tugging as hard as required for you to slip on the product. For size XL, you may require assistance the first time.
  • To ensure perfect fit, please make sure that the gusset fits snugly between your legs, since this ensures that all of ShapeOn comfort and support bands are placed where they should be on your body. If the gusset does not fit snugly, your ShapeOn will not provide optimum comfort and effectiveness.
How high on my torso and low on my leg does the shaper go?
  • Torso: Once our product fits snugly between your legs, you will be able to pull the top band right up under your bust. If the top band lands several inches below your bust, this is usually due to your ShapeOn not fitting snugly between your legs. As a result, comfort and effectiveness are reduced because the bands are not supporting the correct areas.
  • Leg: ShapeOn has been designed to fit comfortably on your thighs (without creating any pressure or bulge), so you may wear shorter outfits. You may also adjust the bottom leg band depending on where the hem of your clothing falls and still obtain the same comfortable results.
What does it mean if the shaper rolls?
  • ShapeOn has only been known to roll on women who buy a size smaller or larger than the one recommended on our size chart. Rolling can also occur if there is excess skin in the back area. In these cases, we recommend using the invisible removable shoulder straps that are available with the LISCIA Premium Shapewear to remedy this issue.
What are the shoulder straps include with the LISCIA Premium Shaper for?
  • Some women prefer to have the security of straps, so optional invisible straps have been provided. The shoulder straps are also very effective in keeping the product in place in cases where rolling may occur due to excess skin in the back area or if the incorrect size was purchased. The majority of our customers prefer to wear ShapeOn without the shoulder straps.
How to attach the removable shoulder straps?
  • Always ensure that the adjustment clasps end up on your back side once you have finished adjusting to the appropriate fit (same as a bra).
  • When both shoulder straps are placed side by side, you will notice the plastic end on one strap points towards the right and the other towards the left: these hooks were intentionally produced this way to make insertion easy.
  • Insert the shoulder strap hooks pointing to the right into the right-side loops (located on the top band), and the hooks pointing left into the left-side loops.
Is ShapeOn safe to wear after surgery?
  • Although some doctors do recommend using ShapeOn after certain surgeries, we highly recommend you consult your physician to obtain their approval, prior to slipping on your ShapeOn.
Where is the product manufactured?
  • ShapeOn is 100% manufactured in Italy.
Which colours are available?
  • Nude & Black
What is the fibre blend and/or materials used in this garment?
  • 87% Polyamide / 13% Elastane
  • All ShapeOn products are certified OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 ecological skin-friendly fabric
What are the care instructions for this garment?
  • Machine Wash – Hang Dry – No Ironing
How much does the garment weigh?
  • 3 oz. (85 grams)

Size Chart Questions:

I’m in between sizes. Do I size up or down?
  • We recommend you size up, not down.
What do the vertical lines on the top band represent?
  • Since some women remove sewn-in labels, we have knitted vertical lines on the top band so you may always be aware of the size you purchased:
  • 2 lines = S
  • 3 lines = M
  • 4 lines = L
  • 5 lines = XL

Returns & Exchange Policy:

Can I return my ShapeOn?
  • You can return your purchase within 30 days for a full credit and then re-order a replacement item (View Return Policy).
Can I exchange a product?
  • Currently, we do not offer exchanges. You can return your purchase within 30 days for a full credit and then re-order a replacement item (View Return Policy).

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