Made in Italy | FREE SHIPPING Over $50
Made in Italy | FREE SHIPPING Over $50
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Our Story

Women who wore shapers were not happy. 

After more than 20 years of selling fine European lingerie and hosiery, our co-founders had heard all the complaints. “Because there were so many points of discomfort” they said, “women spent more time focusing on their shapers than enjoying the present moment.” So Malika Esshali and Michael Battah worked together to reverse this trend by working with top Italian manufacturers to develop a shaper that “responds to the needs of women.”

In other words, a shaper that offers the strongest tummy control, fits comfortably, doesn’t feel hot, stays in place without rolling on the top or bottom, and also enhances the look of a woman’s buttocks.

Founding the company in Montreal, Canada, they spent several years testing shaper prototypes on hundreds of women until, finally, the revolutionary, innovative ShapeOn Shaper was ready.

Women who have tried other shapers and then slipped on the ShapeOn Shaper call it “the Mercedes of shapers,” and make the claim that you could, “Wear it all day long and forget you have it on!”  

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